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You may be a company that wants to produce an infomercial or TV commercial, or you may want to put your own programming on the air. Advanced Video Artistry’s extensive experience in producing television programming, both live and packaged, is just what you need. We’ve worked with NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, ESPN, Discovery and many privately syndicated shows.


  • Program creation
  • News packages and ENG
  • Documentary broadcast programming
  • Sports programming
  • TV commercials and infomercials
  • Crewing
  • Casting
  • Location Scouting
  • Permitting
  • Set design & Building
  • Concept & Scripting

We have been involved with literally 100s of broadcast and cable productions, as well as, programs for the internet. Let our experience and creativity take you to exactly where you want to be. Whether a broadcast program, corporate, documentary, government, training or an in-house production, we bring the highest level of creative art and professionalism to everything we produce.

-We work well with your business-

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 •  Corporate  •  Government  •  Documentary  •  Sports  •  Broadcast  •  Commercials  •  Training  •  Features  •  Reel  •  Contact Us