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It’s been said that if a production company doesn’t shoot and produce sports programming, don’t bother considering them. There is just something about the experience you get with the run-n-gun world of quick shooting, fast decision sports programming that serves you well in all types of production. Companies that produce sports just seem to be a little ahead of other production companies. We produce sports programming. We have the experience of telling the story, on-the-go. The experience that says, “we think quickly on your feet”. We have produced several programs for ESPN, the Redskins, and many college sports productions and, oh yes, the Discovery Channel’s “Puppy Bowl” which runs simultaneously with the Super Bowl. Our staff also worked, for many years, with the nationally syndicated, George Michaels, “Sports Machine”. You may not be looking for someone to produce a sports show for you, but you should be looking for a video company that produces sports programming - for whatever production you have in mind – Advanced Video Artistry.

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