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At Advanced Video Artistry we have a passion for history. That passion, with us, becomes the documentary film. The documentary gives you a chance to tell history in an informative and entertaining way, and it can be a thoroughly engrossing form of visual expression. Our overriding goal is to achieve a production that will bring the viewer into the film so that they actually feel a part of the history, so they can feel what it was like to be alive at that moment in time, and to understand intuitively the people and events that shaped our history.

But we know that a documentary is not only history. It is also a position that can be supported by the visual medium, through the use of facts. It is also education, and understanding. After you have viewed one of our productions, you will have a complete grasp of the subject. In all aspects of documentary film making, Advanced Video Artistry shines, brighter than the rest.

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